Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainy Day Blog

Zach Wasielewski
Rainy Day Blog
Last night’s sleep was not interrupted by the sunlight beaming into my face, the stray dogs barking, or the birds chirping like I am almost every other day.  However, I woke up to the sound of winds howling around the streets of Athens.  These winds sounded like winds out on a boat or the cruise I took with my family for my senior year high school trip. Then I remembered that we had our first quiz in our Greek language class which brought nervous so I decided to look over my notes one more time before leaving the apartment.   As we were walking to the university, it started to sprinkle so we assumed we would not be traveling to the Agora this afternoon with Ioanna.  Once we got to class Perre` gave us our quizzes and my nerves began to calmed because it wasn’t that hard.  Going through the quiz I thought I did pretty well with all the parts of the test maybe getting a couple wrong here and there but still doing well.  After the quizzes were done was had the rest of class which was good we learned how to count up to 20 in Greek as well as reviewing the different tenses of words and sentences.  The class is very overwhelming because learning a new language and having to start over from scratch is tough.  Perre` understands that the difficulty we are having, and is doing a great job with teaching us.  Class was going on and all of a sudden we saw a bolt of lightning out of the window followed by a big rumble of thunder.  We all were saying that we definitely didn’t want to see the Agora in this weather because it wouldn’t have been the same as it would if we saw it when it was nicer weather.  Then at the end of class Hayley noticed that Prof. Roth texted her so she read the text to all of us saying that class was cancelled due to weather.  This news brought us a sudden feeling of relief that we could just go home after this class and hang out or catch up on some rest. Which I eventual go to do but first I had to make the walk home from school.  The walk home from the university on one of the most rain days I have been a part of in a while.  Pat, Chryssie, and I decided to just go straight home because we ate at the cafeteria during our break for the Greek language class. Since the girls didn’t eat at lunch they went to the market or a café to have lunch.  We started what was going to be a very wet and longer journey then needed.  We were trying to stay underneath the overhangs so we wouldn’t get that wet, but as we went farther and farther the rain poured harder.  As we were crossing the street we saw a guy selling umbrellas so Chryssie and I each bought one to help keep us a little dryer.  The umbrellas worked a little but still we ended up soaked by the end of the trip.  The streets weren’t really the easiest to cross considering the cars crossing and a river on each side of the street gushing with water.  I remember looking at it thinking about the time one of the sewers broke in New York City when it was raining and the streets were completely flooded.  Well that was like that but not completely flooded just on the edge of the road to the sidewalk. All of our feet were completely soaked by the time we got home and we were all completely drenched and tired, that we ended up missing our street so we walked out of the way a little bit.  To say the least as I walked into the apartment I took off all the wet clothes got into my comfy pajamas walked over to my bed and decided that it was my first day off in a while I was going to take a little nap and try to catch up on some of the sleep I have been missing out on.  Waking up from my nap I felt refreshed and hungry which was good news because Katie and Carol were making lasagna for dinner and I was extremely happy because lasagna is one of my favorite dinners.  After dinner we had to pack for our four day trip to Nafplio, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Karyes, Sparta, and Mistra which I am very excited.  In the end I had a great day and can’t wait for the next day.

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