Thursday, March 7, 2013

Study Day

Katie Jackson
Study Day
Waking up this morning was tough. When I heard that dreaded sound of the iPhone screaming to wake me up, I turned in bed and pressed snooze. I dozed off for a few more minutes, dreaming of sleeping in bed all day instead of going to 3 hours of Greek. When the buzzer went off the second time, I woke a little more refreshed, feeling optimistic about the day, knowing that hard work for Thursday’s class would pay off. I threw on a pair of my comfiest pants and sweatshirt and walked to Greek class with my classmates. We were all dragging so we all staggered over to the coffee shop and bought coffees. The three hours seemed to go by fast with all the caffeine rushing through my veins.
            After our Greek class, we all walked back to the apartment. Unlike most days, we did not attend a lecture at a museum with Ioanna because she wanted to give us the day to study and work on our presentations, and that is exactly what we did. We all went to our own corridors of the apartment and labored away at studying for our test and the PowerPoints due. It took six hours to finish my PowerPoint, but I had done some research and writing the Sunday before. The rest of the night was all about homework.  I also worked on my online class test that was due on Thursday night. Although it was still homework, it was a nice break away from the Antikythera Mechanism paper I had been working on all night. We took a quick 30-minute break to eat dinner that Hayley and Chrissy prepared.  Every time we go out to eat with Ioanna, we would have a scrumptious cabbage salad that everyone loved. So Hayley and Chrissy made a gigantic Greek cabbage salad with fish and fried rice. The fish was breaded and seasoned with salt and pepper. It melted in my mouth the second I took a bite and I savored every bite. The fried rice was a perfect complement to the fish as it supplied me with a different, yet satisfying flavor. It’s safe to say that dinner was the highlight of my night because the rest of it consisted of reading, typing, studying, writing, studying and more studying.

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