Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paul’s Birthday

Zach Wasielewski
Prof. Roth
Paul’s Birthday
            Today was my day to do my blog but since it was a slow day considering we just had class and I napped after class I am going to talk about Saturday.  As I rolled out of my bed from my first day back from Poland I got my pillow and blanket and made my way out onto the roof deck.  Pat and I decided that we were going to lie out on the deck all day and get some sun and relax.  I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.  The minute I sat down in the chair I couldn’t help to feel like I was at the beach with my family.  We always would rent a massive house with 5 families.   It felt like I was so I decided that it was time to get some food.  Now being gone from Athens for 10 days I was really craving a Gyro, but not just any Gyro, but my favorite Gyro.  The Gyro’s at Sappa’s in Exarchia are the best Gyro I have tasted so far.  That is exactly where I was planning on going.  On the walk down I was thinking about how in the beginning of the trip I was like a lost puppy.  Now I walk down the streets of Athens with no problem.  It’s insane to think that just 2 short months ago I was walking in the streets of Athens for the first time and was completely lost.  Look at me now!  Making my way down to Exarchia had never felt so long because all I was craving was the Gyro and I couldn’t wait to indulge on it.  Weaving and winding through the roads of Athens really started to take a beating to my legs.  Having to walk everywhere we go is a blessing but also a curse.  I love the fact that I am staying in shape but man do my legs get awfully tired from day to day.  I have the same feeling as when I was in high school on my soccer team.  I would come home from practice and my legs would be dead. 
            Finally arriving at Sappa’s I couldn’t help but to order two Gyros’.  This was trouble, because eating one Gyro in a day is enough but the second one was icing on the cake.  The way they pack as much pork into a tortilla, along with lettuce, onions, tzatziki, and French fries it really isn’t fair.  The way the tzatziki goes with the pork and French fries really adds so much flavor.  I truly believe that Gyro’s are my favorite food of Greece.  I am going to deeply miss eating a Gyro for lunch when I go back home.  The pork Gyros’ are so much better than the chicken gyros’.  After they handed me my two pork gyros’ I decided I needed to get my favorite juice to go along with these Gyro’s.  I stopped at the mini market on the way back to the apartment and bought a liter of Amita Juice; the apple, orange, and apricot flavor. The hardest part is the wait until I could sit in the apartment up on the deck to enjoy them.   So I had to high-tail it back to the apartment.  I felt like I never walked so fast back to the apartment I made a usually walk that last 10 minutes, last 5 minutes.  As I got back to the apartment I thought I was in the clear but I forgot living on the fourth floor has some consequences.  These consequences are making me climb to the four floors of the stairs every time I leave the apartment.  Usually I am able to run up three flights of the stairs and then walk the last flight.  This time was different I started to run up the first set and knew at that point I was walking the rest.  By the time that I arrived at the top I was pretty much crawling up the last set of stairs.  My legs had been so sore from walking around in Poland that stairs were a challenge for me.
            After eating my Gyro’s our friends that we meet from the university came over to hang out for his birthday.  It was his 20th birthday so we went to go out as a group with him and celebrate his birthday together.  They came over and we relaxed on the roof deck and caught them up with our travels.  We then decided to have a foosball games between each other.  This was a lot of fun and we ended up playing two on two and Pat and I beat Paul and Kevin.  We hadn’t seen them in ten days so we had a lot of catching up to do.  Finally after we were ready to go out for the night at about 9 we headed over to Paul’s house because he was having people over.  On the walk over we got a couple of beers and got a present for Paul for his birthday.  Once we got to his house we hung out till the rest of the people arrived.  This was the first time we were going to meet this new group of kids so we were all really excited.  As the night went on we celebrated Paul’s birthday by starting out at his house and the going to a club at Gazi called Venue.  This was a massive club and was a lot of fun.  After the club Ashley and I decided that we want to get Gyro’s.  Which if you are counting that would be my third Gyro of the day.  Not good.  Anyways the Gyro was just as good as the first two I purchased earlier in the day and we ended up going back to the apartment and that is when I was ready for bed.

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