Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

Ashley Bruce
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Sunday Afternoon
7 April 2013
            Waking up Sunday was a struggle for me. I was exhausted from the night before from celebrating one of my Greek friends 20th birthday. I woke up with the sun beaming through the window straight into my eyes. I was angry at first because I thought it was early. I looked at my clock and it was 3 pm. I freaked out a little bit inside because how could I waste one of my very few days left in Athens, especially because it was beautiful outside. I lay there for a little while longer before I decided to get up for the day and to get things ready for my friends to come visit. My friend Erica, who is currently studying in London, was coming to Greece for a cruise around the Greek islands, and she flew in a day before the boat left. As 6:30 pm rolled around I headed off to Syntagma Square to meet Erica where the airport bus would drop her off. This was my first time walking to Syntagma Square by myself, and it was actually quite relaxing. The sun was setting as I was walking and there was a cool breeze keeping me not to hot or not to cold as I walked. I finally reached my destination and I took a seat down in the square and enjoyed the live music that was playing right in front of the parliament. Her bus was supposed to show up around 7. As 7:15 passed I started to wonder where she was because I have yet to see an airport bus pass by. About five more minutes passed, still wondering, and I hear “ASHLEY!” from behind me. I quickly turned around and their Erica was coming from a completely different direction from where she should have been coming. I asked her what happened, and since there were protests going on, certain streets were blocked off so the bus couldn’t reach its normal drop off/ pick up destination so she just asked someone where Syntagma Square was and they led her in the right direction to find me! We then got into a taxi, but the taxi ride took about 10 minutes longer than it should have. Me not thinking forgot that Erica literally just told me that streets were shut down due to the protests. We had to go through a lot of detours, but it was actually nice because Erica got to see a lot of Athens! We finally got back to the place and got settled in. After hanging out for a little while we decided we were hungry. I had to bring her to the best Gyro shop in Athens! I took her through Exarcia where the gyro shop was, and it is definitely a different place than Syntagma Square. Here people drink and hang outside with all of their friends all night, unlike Syntagma square where it is touristy.  We ordered our gyros and didn’t speak the whole time we were eating them because they are that good. After we were done finishing she thought that gyros were one of the bet things she has ever eaten! After a short day for me, and a long day of traveling for her we were both exhausted. I would have loved to show her the nightlife of Athens, but we decided to stay in, watch a movie, and fall asleep. Even though we leave very soon to head home, it was nice to see a friend. It definitely cured a little bit of my homesickness! 

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